Tuesday 13 May 2008

It Is a Mans World

My first adult related post, so here is where it all begins for me in a journey i hope to provemy value for the world of comics.

From inspirations like Patrick Fillion, Logan and Juancho, to inspirations like Marvel, DC, and many more comic hero based comic industrys. I have enjoyed each of their works over the years, developing my own style and outlook on the different variations that compse a comic book. One of the best things i have learned to do is create a character with depth and charisma, usually basing them on people i know in real life.

I want to first introduce you all to my main man, the guy who started the adult side of my work.

Warlock, i wont give much away for him yet, just that he is a Witch who also happens to be a Mutant of sorts, an evolution of the human breed with powers beyond that of the homosapiens.

Warlock: Drawn by Link (Benjamin Ruffle) Coloured by Link (Benjamin Ruffle)

Thanks to Patrick i do find i have found a liking to the over size of the mans apendiges lol *thanks mate ;) i was happy with the outcome of the pic, im not the best colourer, but i have found im getting better as u do with practice lol

So, im gonna mention now what a HUGE fan i am of one of Patrick Fillion's creations. Deimos, i havent fallen for a character in a very long time, the last being Rogue from X-men lol an that was quite a few years back, when i saw him the first thing i thought was..."Woah, hes hot" but when i read into what he was about an what he had story wise. The creativity in his character captured me....yea, not just the fact he has a 13inch shlong ;) lol

I worked on this pic for a while, im still not perfectly happy with it, but hey...other peoples creations are so hard to draw lol Hope u like it Patrick :)

I will finish this blog by showing one last picture, a picture i did by combining both Patrick Fillions excellent creativity and my own.

enjoy :)
Drawn by: Link (Benjamin Ruffle)
Coloured by: Link (Benjamin Ruffle)

Deimos:Created and owned by Class Comics/Patrick Fillion.

Sunday 6 April 2008

Starting With Something On The Soft Side

So to start off im going to show you all a few peices of my non adult work, they are very recent and im still bettering myself at the colouring aspect of art so do be nice ;) lol

these peices will varie from pencil to colour, not in any particular order just what ever happens to be in my folders first.

Lynxana, she is of the Thundercat comics released in England. I did this pic for a friend of mine a while back so its not as good as some of my stuff but still, she looks ready to kill ;)

Myra, Summoner of Thundera...this is an OC created an owned by an extreamly talented artist/colourist named Adrianna. I did this a while back while on a Thundercats spree and turned out to be my best pic of that time. She loved it, and i almost won an award in the Thundercats Fandom for it :)

Shay Leona, the Thunderian with a spit persona...she is an OC of another good friend named Shardae, one of my most recent pencil works.
I was very happy with it, as you know when you draw the pic doesnt always come out how u imagen it...this one thankfully did.

This is Lilith, a female demon i had worked on before and didnt really like, she popped into my head one weekend and i thought "Screw it" i redid her and she turned out quite well i think :)

Spiritblade, one of my best finished pics to be honest , like i said, colours not my major so forgive me if its abit ameture... I write alot of storys, Strykers Chaos being one of them, and Spiritblade is one of the main characters. Hes an Eponiant male, a species that differ in appearence. He majors in Black Majik and isnt one to mess with.

Nathan, hes a Dark Elf...one of the main characters in my story Strykers Chaos. He is a warrior, able to use dark majik and light majik. One very sexy individual ;)

Drea is the last that ill be showing in this post, she is created and inspired by a close friend of mine. She is not only a Princess...but an extreamly powerful light majik user and of Mystic blood. She is also a lead character in Strykers chaos.
So thats it, i hope u like what ive shown you in this post :)

my art is my pride an joy and within every picture i aim to get better and improve in both pencil and colour. I will be showing my adult stuff in my next post so do stay tuned :)


Ok, so before i go startin with the posting of my work an the intro's of my life...id jus like to say thank you for viewing my blog and i look forward to speakin to many of people.
Ive been drawing for years, now 22 years old i started back when i was 6...
its my passion, i love to see what my imagenation and inspirations can descover, and like many i am still on my life journey to descover my signeture style....

but that will all come in time, right now im jus exploring what i love best...comics, storylines and of course...men ;)
Patrick Fillion being my main inspiration in the adult art/gay erotica, his works are out of this world and i only dream of becomeing as successful as he has.
Logan comics is also a fav, both being my reason for doing gay erotic art in the first place.

In my next blog ill post some recent works i have done, and i look forward to seeing what people think :)
love u all